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Hi everybody, about 2 years ago I came up with my Slingbone. It's a dexterity toy you can also shoot as a stickshot. I made a video in the past you can see here:

I re-imagined the Slingbone. I made improvements with looks and functionality simply by using my universal paracord lanyard and changing the orientation of how it is held. Now it can be shot not only as a stickshot, but also as a PFS. It can also be turned into a fun little football dart you can toss around.

As a slingshot, they can take tubes, flatbands, and looped tubes. These are the same bands that can be used with my re-imagined Slingchux and my Covert5 wallet Hack.

Below are pics of the different band attachments with the different shooting styles, how it is held, and as a football dart.







Thanks for taking the time to check it out!


Mojave Mo
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I bet you had a big A-HA moment with this change. When I was a kid and was trying to figure something out my Pops would say, 'go stand over there and take a look'. Speaking of looking I won't even go near a mirror with a slingshot in my hand. I am just superstitious like that. :oops:
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