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My neighbor is a junior remodeler breaking into the trade from his parents garage. He digs my slings, but not over-the-top about them. He saw me hacking away making some Black Walnut blanks last month and offered up his bandsaw. He came over to retrieve it yesterday and let me know I could use it again, anytime. I told him thanks but that I really needed to get a scroll saw if I was going to try and make better frames. His eyes lit up and he said, "No way! Help me move some stuff and I've got an old beater that my boss gave me that you can have if you drag it outta here!".
Before I even saw it I said, "SOLD".....!!
And behold, here it is. I've done my homework and realize that I made out better than good. It runs, it got a WD-40 squirt here and there last night. Parts are still available if there isn't something I cannot do without like the air-bellows that had rotted through. There are even a couple of 'upgrade' parts available as this has been a coveted machine with woodworkers for many years. Cool eh?! Thanks for gawking! Mo

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Looks bigger than mine AND it's got it's own table. AND it's free!

All my neighbors are... the men are #^&%$* and the females are 'meh' ..... not the kind of neighbors you seem to have. :rofl:


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Yep... your motor looks bigger.. more powerful... than mine.

Lucky chap indeed.

(....going looking for nicer neighbors......)


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