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The SlingGods have been kind!

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My recent sacrifices have resulted in a gift from the SlingGods. This Silent Assassin Slingshot MKIII all the way from the UK. It arrived to me flawless, expertly packaged and presented, comfortable, and a dent in the metal lizard on the second shot.
Now it is time to arrange another sacrifice!

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wow Mo thats nice man i am going to start calling u sir MO getting frames like this :bowdown:
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Do not think u can red neck up a piece of art like that I think the penalty is bad . I think u get the choice of being loaded in the iron bull or swinging in the gallows . Royal law is harsh m8 ! All joking aside it’s a nice piece I see them on the gram to but the lid saying if u have to ask the price u can not afford it haha


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