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Not even three months after no. 500 signed up as a youtube subscriber of The Slingshot Channel (, the 1000st youtuber subscribed (on Jan. 11, 2010)!

The growing rate of the channel is staggering. It took almost 9 months to get the first 500! At this rate number 2000 isn't going to take long.

In good tradition, the lucky winner will receive a free "surprise" slingshot.

This time, the slingshot goes to the Czech Republic. Here are a few words from the winner himself:

My name is Pavel,

i am from Czech Republic and since i was a kid i use to make myself slingshots,testing them and enjoying this passion with my friends.Unfortunately i was living for a long time in a big city and had not a lot of oportunity and time for slingshots,but few months ago i have moved to my native village and discovered your videos,this gave me again the desire to make some new slingshots and i am really enjoying it.Big thanks to Jörg for sharing his passion,his videos,impressions and advices with us .I hope you will open The Jörg slingshot store one day or just keeping your blog alive.

Thanks again to you and the other slingshoters .

Best regards


Welcome, Pavel, to our community!

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