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Just thinking out loud about the sport of "Slingshots"

Speaking for myself and probably many (mostly males that had the opportunity to grow up in a more rural setting) was able to enjoy the sport with our little home-builts made out of mis-formed bits of tree branch and strips of bicycle inner tubes. (ages 6 to 14) then the hormones kicked in and our interests changed :)

Then, for one reason or other, we become drawn back into it, but in a more dedicated way - My own experience , so far, I am realizing that Slingshot shooting & Design/Building, could be quite challenging but in return; a very gratifying past-time.

I am still trying to decide which I like best - "Building" or Shooting" !! . For some, hitting that target is the ultimate goal. Then there are the exceptionals like Bill Hays and many others that have that enviable gift of mastering both. I know I could easily build a "Rifle style Slingshot" and hit the target without all the fuss of keeping a steady arm or developing the perfect release etc .... but, is that what it's all about? ... I think not :)

Cheers & a Joyous Christmas to all !
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