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So, I saw Wingshooter's absolutely stunning Bentwood with Iron Pyrite frame... and I just HAD to have it. I offered to buy it, but Wingshooter offered to just send it to me out of kindness. Well I decided it would be better if I at least made a little somethin'-somethin' in return... I got the Iron Pyrite shooter in this afternoon and looked at the video where Wingshooter was showing his woven pouches, and mentally marked where and how he was holding his slingshot while shooting... then using the measurements from the Iron Pyrite shooter as a reference came up with a custom sized Target Ranger that should fit him exactly.

I was excited to make this one and was able to get it finished just a little while ago... here it is pictured with the awesome Bentwood shooter Wingshooter sent me:
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Good work Bill and Wingshooter!
This kind of thing is what a community like this is all about.
These are my sentiments too, about the members of this forum and their character, well exemplified by a post like this detailing the community spirit, generosity and good will.

Long live what makes this a great forum, the good people.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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