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Hello everybody,

The « triple loop » design for board cut slingshots is intended for shooters who wish to maximize protection of the index finger and thumb, something of particular relevance for newcomers to slingshot shooting.

The fork loops also strengthen the forks (stronger flat bands), and ensure that the slingshot cannot fly back accidentally to the shooter's face if it is not held securely, as the slingshot remains on the index finger and thumb - albeit that a lanyard is always a good idea nevertheless. The present version has fork tips with a width close to 30 mm for strong flat band sets.

The initial version I presented here had a few shortcomings that I have meanwhile resolved - see the photos.

I have posted a template of this interesting slingshot in the "templates" section of this forum for those who wish to give this design a try, using either Baltic birch plywood (minimum 18 mm or 0.7 inches thickness) or a suitable hardwood.

Let me know what you think.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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