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First off I dont know what circular knife is , but what you need is a rotary cutter I recommend olfa that's what I have and its good "Its worth buying the good one not the cheap one" plus a cutting mat.My draw lengh is also 28 incehs(71cm) Bands? It all depends what ammo you are using .Right?
I personally do not recommend cutting out the whole band in one piece I did it before and its harder to cut and you will have left over rubber ( cuz of tapering)
I would say go for single band not double but on Dankung and Cougar a 4 cm wide band at the fork you would have to fold it few times so it might be easier to use double.
There is a thread talking about the hunting power of single 3cm-2cm thera gold, apparently it can take rabbit size animals with a good shot.
If you have decided to use single try a let's say 4cm-2.7 cm tapering. with that I believe 9.5 mm steeal will be small ( not sure) I would go for 11 mm steal at least.or lead .44 maybe.
With double bands you devide those numbers per band I said before ,but its all down to you. I dont think you would need 3cm-2 cm in doulbe its just too much power!!I have bands 17.5 cm long all together minus attachements thats about the shortest you can go with 28 in draw lenght it realy packs a pounch. I use now 22 cm long bands cuz I dont hunt or etc. only practicing and dont need any power to do that also I dont use tapering as well.
I hope you get some useful information out of this.
Good shooting!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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