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There are millions of words on these Forums about bands and tubes, but I am trying to simplify my next step.

I have enjoyed making my "1860 Victorian" catapult with 4.75mm square rubber and leather tabs, my first catapult project since 1955, and it shoots OK.

But for a livelier feeling, my cheap Chinese catapult that I bought recently on Ebay UK for £3.69 delivered ($4.80), is a pleasure to use. I have replaced the pouch, which was uselessly small, and I have told the supplier to make it bigger.

Please see the 2 photos herewith.

Is there a video or article about working with this band-holding system? It is very neat, I like it.

For my next DIY project, I have researched Theraband bands and tubes on Ebay UK and I have found that the tubes are available "up to Silver" and the bands are available "up to Gold".

The orange bands on my Chinese catapult are 0.6mm thick, like Theraband Gold, but are probably not Theraband Gold.

I already had samples of Theraband Black (0.4mm) and Theraband Silver (0.5mm), which don't impress me, so I have ordered a half-metre of Theraband Gold (0.6mm) for £3.60 delivered ($4.65).

I have also watched videos about cutting it, so I have ordered on Ebay UK a rotary cutter with 10 spare blades for £9.99 delivered ($13). I already have a self-healing cutting mat.

Am I on the right track? I am hoping that single Theraband Gold bands, tapered, say, 20mm-15mm wide, would be fun for a mini-catapult, and 30mm-25mm wide for a more powerful catapult?

What do you think?


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