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Thinner is faster?

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I have heard some people say that thinner elastic shoots faster (thinner=faster retraction speed). This is contrary to my experience.
Why is this? Is it that thinner is faster with only very light ammo?

Lightest I have shot with is 3/8 steel

Or is it that it just shoots faster for the draw weight.

So not really faster at all just easier to pull.
I saw a Simple shot video demonstrating this. Thicker elastic shot a bit faster but at the cost of alot of extra draw weight.

Or maybe cutting thin bands wider then more narrow thicker bands can get better speeds....but that just comes down to draw weight again.

Obviously hunting purposed bands are always thicker then target shooting bands so unless it's the light ammo thing I can't see how thinner bands could be faster???
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Its more about matching rubber to ammo.

Many people assume heavy draws increase power - but thats not the case. In fact actual speed test show that it can in fact decrease. Fact is the rubber itself is heavy and has to move itself - and internal friction also robs power.

There is generally a sweet spot where you'd get the best performance combination. And in general its lighter than you'd logically expect.

Also performance is affected by the length of time the ball is in contact with the pouch on release - longer draws perform better - but also require less rubber to do so.

Obviously if you use a setup for BB's to hurl 10mm lead performance will be dismal.

Hunting bands are usually a little heavier so that the max power for a human kill shot can be achieved (though bearing in mind the chance of a loss of power if overly so). Target bands are simply lighter as its only down to accuracy.

Shooting BB's with overpowered rubber will also have them corkscrewing all over the place - simply they start becoming unstable. Its evident as the ammo weight increases this instability becomes less of an issue - but at some point the draw weight results in difficulty ability to hold on target.

Just my 2c
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No - I'd say correctly matched bands are faster than incorrectly matched ones.

And some new higher performing rubber options are only available in sheet form.
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