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Hey Guys,

I've been away for a while. New job position last year kept me a quite busy, but I still manage to find 10-15 minutes here and there to shoot my slings.

I'm thinning down and using the funds to offset costs of a recent slingshot purchase, so I am not looking for trades on these.

All prices include USPS shipping. Sorry I'm not looking at international sales on these.

PM me here. PayPal preferred, I will accept a money order and will ship upon receipt.

Proshot Catapults PPMG #1318

Price $60.00

Comes with everything as it left ProShot Catapults. After frame hitting my Aluminum General, I'm afraid of frame hitting this one.

Textile Font Material property Wood Pattern

Montiegear Y-Shot

Price $60.00

Y-Shot will come with two (2) original Theraband Gold bandsets not pictured.

Rectangle Font Office supplies Art Flooring

Performance Catapults SPS G10 Ghost Grey w/Black spacers

Price $100.00

I purchased another SPS G10 set from Jim and have to defray the cost. SPS will include the lanyard I made for it.

Font Line Material property Wood Pattern
White Bicycle handlebar Line Automotive design Bicycle part


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I was wondering about your absence - glad you're still shooting and I've always admired your talent for stylizing a slingshot. Congrats on everything.
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