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Finding this forum because of slingshots has
really brought back good blow gun times in the 1980s, yes I am old!
We used to play dart board games and got to the point of sticking
Doubles or triples slmost at will using 3 foot 40 cal (all there was
then I think) and wore our a few standard dart boards after daily play
for months.
Just today traced Olympic target specs and used small pull tie for
sight. I simply cut it until it felt like altitude was close.
And reading here tried facing forward stance,
Fourth shot after getting sight length was bull, sure some
luck there but also found seeing two sights for
Both left, right and altitude had to
Have helped aiming.
If not for reading ideas here would have never thought of this method, THX
to those who kindly share!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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