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Cool, never heard of Nyatoh wood?

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Meeee tooooo. It's been a long HOT summer now it's time to build.
Had that wood pegged for mahogany. Same family?
A very clean pattern my friend. Looks good
I am happy to see this is happening...

I will be back on my bench this weekend...and getting some long overdue gifts/trades finished.

I never heard of that wood either. That design looks like a shooter.
Thanks guys! It's a good feeling to be back at doing some building. I'm usually too busy to build over the summer months but that does give me a lot of time to dream about new projects though...

Nyatoh is a very common tropical hardwood here in South East Asia... I am not sure if it's from the mahogany family but it can certainly be stained to mimic mahogany. It is structurally quite stable and takes stains rather well so it gets used a lot as a construction material, for furniture, doors and skirting. This wood is easy to work and it finishes well - it doesn't take a lot to seal its pores. The only thing though is that it is rather plain (though exceptions do occur) so it usually gets painted over or veneered. But I guess plain has its uses too. It's just good, inexpensive utility wood.

I think the reason why you don't hear about this wood is probably because there is really nothing remarkable to warrant shipping it all the way. I suspect there may also be some lobbying against it like the lobbying against palm oil preventing it from reaching your shores in abundance?

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I had a plan for today...hahaha... so instead of all the sanding and epoxying...I got all my materials and in-progress-builds sorted.

Just about 2 5 gallon buckets worth. I have many that are in the final stages...that is my focus this weekend
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