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times and people change

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When I was a youngster, we always had a couple of dogs hanging around. As I remember, it didn't take to much to get on my Pa's bad side. If a dog got mean, he was gone. If a dog got into the sheep, he was gone. And so it went, a dog had to be a pretty good citizen to last long around our place.

Today not so much, I see the most ill bred, stinking, slobbering, spoiled pets you can imagine. We think of them as children, we slowly but surely kill them with treats and overfeeding. Slap a dog around for humping you neighbor's leg? Unheard of. Stop a dog from standing outside and barking his head off? No way, if I can stand it, so can my neighbors.

Sorry for the rant. I lost my dog yesterday, 13 yrs old, I knew it was coming. Should have put her down a week ago, but I kept thinking I could pull her through, and she didn't seem to be in pain. But that is not the point, the point is, that was 24 hours ago and already I have 3 offers to take peoples dogs. If they didn't want them, why did they get them in the first place?? I might add that all three of these dogs are unschooled knotheads! Life is stranger then fiction.

I rant no more. Thanks for the ear guys. Steve
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What an out pouring of love this forum is... thank you all for your understanding and support.
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