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Titanium 0PFS anybody?

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Getting these two pieces of grade 5 titanium being sent from my old Home took a act of God to get my wife out there to find that for me and to send it but there on there way
The piece that looks like it has a window cut out on the left standing in the crate is actually 4 inches wide by 3 feet long The little window sides parts "left overs " is gonna make a couple nice throwing darts but it's enough to make at least 10 opfs and the long skinnier one I'll buy itself is actually 2 inches wide so maybe opfs from it don't know yet getting my wife to measure anything man I don't like women anyways by the weekend I ll have titanium 0PFS and few to throw around . Tried to get her to send my 4 x 6 x 4' piece of Bacote no not happening She said it would cost too much and said it would cost too much and I have to come and pick up my "shift" if I wanted it
If I remember right it's a tad over a quarter inch thick I know it looks different in the picture but it's good stuff
More pics when it gets here
I know the long skinny peace is 2 1/2 inches wide
The other piece is 4 inches easy wide
Just hard to see the pics and she will not spend the time to put a tape on the pics lol
I made some titanium knives for the bomB squad guys in San Diego nonmagnetic they loved them

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood

Saw Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Tool

We'll see if a few titanium OPFS is won't get me a little foot center core OTT


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I've worked before. Working cold seemed to be fine. As soon as it started heating got interesting really quick. First time I ever melted a drill bit like that...
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At 4" wide the one piece could be made into many other designs.
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