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Due to a health issue, I am selling couples of *NEW* slingshots from my collection.

I am selling one of my Two GZK CRAZY POWER (THICK VERSION) that I purchased before my heart attack in Mars 2020.

Available at my site:

The Slingshot still in it is original box from GZK. (Original)

Titanium GZK CRAZY POWER (THICK VERSION) was purchased from GZK. Original Price is 85$ USD or 111.41 $ CAN. Selling it for 75$ USD or 95 $ CAN + FREE 6 Microfiber Spinners. FREE SHIPPING IN US / CANADA.

Slingshot (NEW) with Two Precise Band set + single sight + Allen key + Protective box.

The CRAZY Power TTF slingshot has adjustable aiming sight and no-tie attachment,quite convenient to attach bandset or tube. It's very accurate and can be used for target shooting and hunting.

Package includes & FREE 6 Microfiber Spinners

  • Material : TITANIUM
  • Core Thickness : 12mm
  • Length : 128mm
  • Fork Width : 102mm
  • TIP Width: 30 mm
  • Shooting Gap : 74mm
  • Wrapping Material : Super Fiber Fabric
  • Weight : 170gms

FREE 6 Microfiber Spinners

Made of 5mm thickness three-layer microfiber , sturdy and reusable
Equipped with rubber cord and two hooks allow it to be hung or attached to somewhere, tree's branches, horizontal stick, etc.
6 different sizes target plates are suitable for different level shooting.
Easy to carry, enjoy your fun anytime and anyplace.
Suitable for slingshot, shooting training, hunting practice, competition

Material: Microfiber, Rubber
Size: 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm, 8cm
Thickness: 5mm
Color: White, Red


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