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"Glue Dots" and rubbery shelf liner (WalMart) to the rescue again.

Cut the shelf liner to the same size as your cutting board.

Run a strip of Glue Dots (they're on a roll) on the back sides and ends of the cutting board.

Align your shelf liner with the bottom of the cutting board.

Press down the sides and ends of the shelf liner, so that the board and shelf liner adhere to each other.

Now your have a safer cutting board for your bands and your body.

Tip: A very safe ruler, made to use on a cutting board, is the "Securcut" (Amazon). It has a raised handle to keep your fingers away from the knife's cutting edge, and, the handle runs the full length of the ruler (13.5"), so that even pressure is applied to whatever you're cutting (bands, leather, moose ears, whatever).

This great tip from a master faux intellect, has been brought to you by

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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