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I'ok don't laugh at me !!!!!
Im from San Diego Area most of my life and I have dabbled in bow making 15 years ago studied bow wood from calif Area and there is none so the Indians would trade for Bowwood from other places and they used a large bush, shrub, vine growing tree as there wood very hard and made a good lighter bow if you can find an old enough plant to grow large . I forgot the name of it
Anyways fast forward to today's date Idaho northern panhandle
Looks like same want- to- be tree, plant
And mine are 30 years old big
Got this toad pfs " I don't know what you guys call the little wood slingshot Lol"
I know it's a long shot !!!!!
Does anybody know about this , burn pile , it one hell of a strong plant can't bend a 2" round
The book I read where I found the plant tree in pow way Was 100 years old get this about the poway Indians

So what are you guys think Some of these are as big as trees I have not been paying attention to them tell my little brain clicked on that I used to remember something might be part of the illusions and delusions of sling flu

Wood Plant Line Wall Red

Water Wood Art Trunk Twig

Wood Gesture Trunk Logging Natural material

Wood Gesture Glove Finger Gas

Plant Terrestrial plant Groundcover Grass Flowering plant


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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