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Today's creations:

An all steel & aluminium W with clamps. 20mm square with 10mm threaded bar shrouded in 12mm aluminium tube. Drilled and tapped to accept M4 bolts for the clamps. Full width green band. I'm looking for a tube to fit over the handle so I can make it rotating.

Next time I'm going to try welding up a W and loose the unsightly nuts and washers.

All copper & brass, off the shelf components, epoxied together. I'm waiting a few hours for it to cure, then I will rivet the load bearing joints as well. Polish up on the buffer, ad a few coats of clear lacquer and maybe make a leather wrapped handle, or just go cheap and put a bicycle hand grip on it.

Also shown are two of my favourite knives which I have just finished touching up the edges. CRKT First Strike Tanto & SOG Aegis. 'Surgically sharp' would be an understatement.


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I like em Hrawk, now lets see a board cut. Something that fits in the back pocket
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