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Life is still busy, and will stay that way for me for a while, but I am getting out to shoot some again. Thankfully.

I took some time this morning and had a really good session. Set up a catch box with a can about 15 yards out. The laid three can bottoms from recently cut cans down from about 10-14 yards. Finished it off with several spent shotgun shells laid out from ~8-14 yards- I can always count on some shotgun enthusiasts to not pick up after themselves where I shoot. But their left overs make for some pretty cool targets. The spent shotshells are pretty hard for me to hit but it is really satisfying to see them fly 20 yards or more when hit dead center. Punching holes in the can bottoms is also super satisfying. Add cutting a can to it and layouts / sessions like this are one of my favorites. And when all the targets are laid out in line with the catch box I get ~70% of my misses back as they just skip into the catchbox.

The key to it all was staying until I got the can cut and all the targets cleared. Happy it didn't take me all morning- got it done, had a great time relaxing for a while, and got back on to the busy but less fun stuff.

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Sweet man
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