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TOo many choices... ordering ffrom GZK

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Hi Everyone

I plan on ordering a frame or two from GZK, likely a simple plastic hammer frame, and something that can handle tubes.

There are too many choices, the "flats vs tubes" is confusing enough....

If possible, I'd like to order band/tube(likely both) that can handle a lot of practicing... so maybe something durable. I was thinking of practicing with airsoft bbs or airsoft paintballs indoors (10-15M distance).

Eventually, I'd like to get into hunting, so to save on shipping maybe i can get thosae bands/tubes at the same time... any suggestions there? Ammo would likely be 10mm bb, or buckshot if i can find it.
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I agree with Cjw, the Scout (either model) may be a bit more than the Chinese frames on initial appearance, but if you consider flexibility of use and durability it is far and away cheaper :) Nothing wrong with Chinese frames, I have a lot of them but when starting out you need to be able to experiment and try that "new" thing that you just read about on the forums :) As far as band and tube material, if you get a mid thickness band you can cut it in different ways to suit the thing you are using it for and tubes like the 1632/1636 and the 2040 are very versatile. Just my opinion, YMMV :)
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