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TOo many choices... ordering ffrom GZK

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Hi Everyone

I plan on ordering a frame or two from GZK, likely a simple plastic hammer frame, and something that can handle tubes.

There are too many choices, the "flats vs tubes" is confusing enough....

If possible, I'd like to order band/tube(likely both) that can handle a lot of practicing... so maybe something durable. I was thinking of practicing with airsoft bbs or airsoft paintballs indoors (10-15M distance).

Eventually, I'd like to get into hunting, so to save on shipping maybe i can get thosae bands/tubes at the same time... any suggestions there? Ammo would likely be 10mm bb, or buckshot if i can find it.
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I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you have to learn to walk before you run. Chances are you will change setups many times, so trying to buy what you think you will be shooting in the future is simply not going to work. A good idea would be to buy an Axiom Ocularis from Simple Shot. That way you can try bands and tubes in both OTT and TTF, all with one frame. Buy a few of their pre-made band/tube setups to get you started. You can chat with them and they will recommend a good choice of bands and ammo. Play with that for a few weeks, or even months. See what you end up liking the best and then work your way into other frames and hunting setups. Good luck and have fun!
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