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2040 Tubes with 1/2 inch white glass tracer ammo.
That's incredible. I'm amazed how accurate you are with a small pc. of leather. I can't hit a can 3 times with a regular slingshot.

Greetings Magnum, I cant hit anything either wiith the traditional slingshots you would purchase in stores. This is why I began making my own plywood shooters. Primarily I have made them so that they will fit my hand and my style of shooting. Some shoot much better without attempting to aim the shooter. Since the Pickle Fork Shooters I have branched out a bit from the slingshots we would recongnize as such. I am now of the opinion that it is possibe to obtain nearly 100 percent hits at a reasonable distance. Have been working on an aiming device that should get it there although I am one that does not aim I may have to also incorporate aiming under specific conditions. If you have not seen the Carolina Slingshot then view it and study how he shot. This Rufus Hussey was a marvel. Just have fun shooting.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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