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Top notch slingshot shooting at the 2022 Shanghai tournament

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Well worth watching:

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Great shooting. I would love to attend something like thatIs the final decided by whomever hits 5 targets with the least number of shots or who finishes first?
The Chinese slingshot competitions, and the international tournament held in Gualdo Tadino, Italy, back in 2018 follow this set of rules set up by the "World Slingshot Association", an official organization which was established fairly recently:


Essentially, the person with the most points wins the top prize. Each size drop-down disk earns the shooter a specific number of points, the smallest disk yielding the highest number of points. Challenging indeed, but good results can be achieved with very regular practice and arm strengthening exercises to maximize stability.

Promising developments.
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Ammo size? Same for all?
Looks like 10 but I would think 8 better?
Not many lanyards if any?
Only vision correcting glasses.
No tubes, sights, ttf, non gansta, nattys. pfs
that could see?
Pouch friction powder?
They are alll well above my skill level!
7 to 8 mm steel ammo and low draw weight flat bands (0.4 to 0.5 thickness rubber) were mostly used by the Chinese team (the best selected shooters from their nation) at the tournament in Italy back in 2018. They won the event.

Lighter band sets are easier to hold steady while aiming and shooting, and 7 mm ammo has a very flat trajectory at 10 meters. Makes sense in terms of competitive accurate shooting.
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