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So a couple of weeks ago "the chunkapult man" PMed me asking to trade some tubes for a slingshot. Sure, why not! He offered me the lovely straight-wrist model in this post. I've never had one in this style before and was very curious about how it would work for me.
Very well, it turns out. This one is very comfortable, beautifully finished and a good shooter. The straight-wrist design works great and it's very stable in the hand. I have it set up with short-loop single 2050s.
Thanks Lewis!
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cheers guys
I based the slingshot on rogers recurve
my dad got me some beach and I glued 3 blanks together
then used a coping saw to cut away big chunks and then started dremeling
then testing it in my hand every so often and that was it
I tried to kep it fairly compact low forks and I made it have a large curve to lock tue pinky in
it was a first attempt and I am going to make more in different materials and see howthey come out
I will post the results so you guys can see them
thanks again guys for the positive feedback
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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