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Phew! I been busy shooting these past two days.

Just so happens that I got two nice slingshots from Smitty in a trade the same day as I got Skit's.
I just couldn't put everything into the same post. These have been posted before by Smitty himself, but I just wanna show off now that I proudly own them

Here's the two together:

Note Smitty's clever craftsmanship on this little plinker (he is always experimenting)
I had fun shooting with this setup -- it's a great little pocket devil to take on walks with me and shoot at signs, stumps, etc.

This husky natural is now a product of two of our great makers here at the forum: Smitty and Pallan, these are Perry's "Gold Winner" bands -- very nice and very smooth, and they pack a nice punch. I can't wait to try them with some lead.

Look at the nice palm swell on this natural. I was able to shoot real nice with this slingshot (It's gonna be a killer with double thera gold soon.)

Smitty, thanks. You're a real nice guy and I have learned a lot from you.

Between this trade and the one with Skit, I am . . . like,
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