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On the community forum DSIL is running an end of summer trade and I was paired with Zippy. I don't think he is here also and some of you may not have seen his work. From him, I received a first class Apple wood fork cut out of a much larger one. Sweet shape, fine finish and lots of character.

Plant Finger Gesture Thumb Wood

Hand Finger Gesture Wood Thumb

Attendant loot included two types of Precise latex I have not tried, pouches and a W&T gizmo.

Plant Tree Botany Wood Art

In return I sent him a Wishbone, (Of course) and A laminated Frankenfork.

Plant Wood Human body Natural material Flower

Plant Wood Sculpture Natural material Art

Hand Gesture Finger Pink Thumb

Hand Finger Plant Gesture Thumb
Hand Plant Finger Gesture Thumb

I made this from a Brazilian Cherry and White Acacia flooring sample. Faced with B.B. and an inserted neo magnet. I hate that I did not know that the finish on the magnet would sand off. :banghead: Other than that, I think I did okay.

Thanx for Lookin'.

oops! Plant Wood Natural material Trunk Fawn


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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