Items For Trade:

Some of you have seen me put this banding jig up on the Forum before, then take it down after a while. This is in part because I REALLY want it to work for me. The only reason that this jig isn't optimal is that my hands are too big. I wear an XL glove so if you do as well then I suggest moving along. I feel I've got great dexterity even with the onset of some arthritis but that isn't enough to compensate for needing more room for my hands and fingers to get into this jig.
Who wants it?? Yes of course I want something in return! I am refining my TTF approach so a LHH in TTF is what I am looking for. Show me what you have and I'll let you know if I like it. This jig cost me more than Six Trips to Starbutts to get my daughter a HappyCrappychinoFrap to give you an idea of my investment in this jig.
I likely won't jump into a trade for a half-azzed, pot-metal, piece of cloned slingschatt from an overseas clone artist unless you can convince me that I am being shortsighted.
Thanks for gawking! Mo