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Trailblazer, Archery & BB Gun Academy

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Yesterday, I was again invited to be a Station Master for the Boyscout's, Trailblazer and BB Gun Academy, Archery Day. There were over 250 kids for the morning and afternoon sessions. The boyscouts club suppiled the slingshots, targets and ammo. The ammo was dry dog food and paintballs. Most of the slingshots were Tru-Marks. There were some Marksman and Daisy slingshots as well. The Scouts were in groups of 20 or so, and would spend 45 minutes at each station. There was a Tug of War station, Boomerang, BB Gun, Javelin, and Bow stations as well.

I would have my group shoot the dog food for about 20 minutes as I walked the line helping some of the scouts with their shooting. I would then pass out some paintballs and let them shoot the targets for a few more minutes. I would then do a demo where I would shoot a full coke can from 60'. Most of the time I would hit it on the first shot, but a few times it took two or three shots, but never more than 3 attempts all day. Parents were on hand with the scouts, and they were impressed with the instuction, as well as the demo.

I had a nice selection of slingshots on hand that I would show each group before we got started, and each group would ooh and awh at the different slingshots, which included the EPS, Flatband Ergo, A+ PS2, Victor 20, Dankung, Milbro Target Master, my trophy winning Tex frames, and various natural frames.

The Scout organizers said if I would like, I can write up an e-mail regarding club info, that the will send out in their news letter. This is great because I can finaly start reaching a large group letting them know that we can start a Slingshot Club, where we can have regular meets starting next Spring, or sooner if weather permits. There were alot of parents asking how they can fuel their children's interst in slingshots, so I'm really looking forward to this.

Anyway, below are some pictures I took with my phone during the day. I should have some more images coming from a professional photographer that was on hand. He said he would e-mail the images to me.

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very cool... it sounds like everyone had a blast...
i have helped out our local boy scouts, with archery amd knife skills, quite a bit over the years...
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