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Trick or Treat, Wyvern edition!
Made this for myself. I'm a little bit of a Halloween nut, and wanted a slingshot that was Halloween themed. Orange, & black G10, white G10 liner, and carbon fiber. Held by acrylic and my new Wyvern mosaic pins. Pictures show it from the very beginning to the finished product. I'm learning more and more about building with each one I do. For me, building is even more fun than shooting. This was my most complex layer wise, and is gonna be fun to shoot!
If anyone is interested in adding a Wyvern to their collection, PM me! It'll be customized to your measurements and specs. Thanks for looking everyone!

And before anyone asks or wants to know, the bat shaped pouch is total garbage. Just put it on for the pictures. Lol

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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