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Trumark rotating prongs

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Does anybody know if the claim that the Trumark rotating prongs extends band life is true? As you all know by now I really like the Trumark stuff and am most likely going to buy a rotating prong\sight model. If nobody has done any comparisons I will put brand new tubes on both models and see which tubes last longer. It seems that there would be some validity to the rotating prongs increasing tube life. I guess we will see.
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the rotating prongs work good 4 bandlive, i´ve tested a few years bevore more then 30% longer bandlive.
pelleteer:"Who knows, you may find that the rotating prongs, while eliminating one kind of stress, actually exacerbate another (I haven't noticed this through casual observation"
the bandslap get much more harder especialy with the heavy rr2 with the heavy dowels. so if you don´t wear good gloves your knuckels will give up bevore the band tears!
when u don´t got handslaps what amo do u use? i´ve used the s9 without the rotating prongs and the rr2 with 12 steelball and they slappet terrible. then i used it with 20mm steelball and got no handslap but they are made for tiny amo which u can store in the handel, i think abt 8mm .
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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