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So I'm at my new shooting area, a dump with broken windows, no doors and trash all over the place ----- in other words a typical vacated Lancaster, Ca. meth house ! ------- but it does have Starlings and HOSPS around :)

Pic Below:


I load up my vest pocket with some 5/16" steel and BB's. The BB's will fly a little flatter, but also a tad bit higher, at this location most shots will be around 20-25 yards at the most. The wind is really howling and when I get out of my car I can barely stand up.

My usual BB sling's tubes finally gave out, so I switched to a sling that has single 3050's. These are tubes from a batch that has been in my refrigerator for a long while, but still are very pliable and elastic. The BB's I would not use for shooting HOSP's or Starlings but the 5/16" steel I sure would, the BB's are for walking around practicing.

I roam around for about an half hour or so and I do get some shots off at HOSPS in the 15- 20ish yard range but the wind is so, darn bad I can't possibly hold steady, my shots though are pretty close considering the horrible weather conditions .... but still no cigar, I just can't hold steady in this wind, so I head back to my car, I get in my car and it is being blown from side to side, ya the wind is howling for sure :) -------

I decide enough is enough !

Hope the wind slows down a lot tomorrow so I can get some decent shots off ---- I really want to bag a HOSP or a Starling :- )

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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