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Fork hits are an inevitable part of the learning curve. Mine always seem to occur when I am shooting a wood slingshot as opposed to my more durable plastic ones. Plastic wood and sandpaper is your friend!

I do not have a Scout, but from what I understand, it is a sturdy slingshot and designed for beginners to experiment with. Lots of good advice here on release. I was also told to hold the slingshot arm s steady as possible and pay attention to your follow through.

I was shooting one of my favorite custom wood slingshots (a gift from a forum member) this weekend. I rushed a shot and let my form collapse. I put quite a divot in the fork, which I repaired with wood putty. I maintained good form for the rest of the session and no more fork hits.

I think that ultimately, the only way to avoid all fork hits is to leave the slingshot on the shelf. I do not think that is what the builder of the custom wood slingshot intended. Slingshots are meant to be shot. They are inexpensive enough to replace and most of us quickly accumulate a collection. Keep shooting!
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