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What everyone else said! For me the two big issues were not aligning the frame, bands and pouch properly. And having a sloppy release. I cured the first by just slowing down and really watching the alignment as a drew back. My release got much better by switching to larger ammo. I shoot marbles now. The larger size allowed me to get a better grip on the ammo and not pinch in front of it. Just make sure everything is in a straight line and don't be afraid to try different things. I rotate my pouch hand slightly towards my face because it is more comfortable. Just don't tweak the pouch!

A tip on the release from traditional archery... You can't physically open your hand fast enough without affecting the release. Instead of doing something (letting go quickly), you actually want to STOP doing something. You simply stop holding the pouch and let it slip from your fingers. Just relax your hand/finger muscles and it will slip away on its own.

Also, try to not hold your pouch hand in a fist. Hold with your thumb and index finger, but allow your middle, ring and pinky to stay straight and relaxed. The closed fist causes too much tension and a lot more effort is needed to release. Of course your mileage may vary, but this all helped me!
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