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Ok this is one beautiful slingshot I have ttf and ott systems both 4 set of sight
Complete package
With two not fork hits handle hits easy fix
Great sling ,heavy, completely adjustable any style u want
Does not fit me The first hit was the first day second shot piss me off lol but they're not on the frame they're on the handle easy fix I would like to trade this for something really nice this is an expensive little get up but I would like something cool and out of the box nice
Talk to me Liquid Fluid Gesture Drinkware Gas

Hand Gesture Finger Bicycle part Wrist

White Light Automotive tire Automotive lighting Gadget


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I can get you fixed up... let's do a trade!

I'll make you a custom sized anything you want in G10, either green or black.

I don't have that slingshot in my collection, and I try to have at least one of everything!
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