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Those two 40 US$ coupons can be used to pay product (at and shipping cost without any restriction.

We give away coupon instead of products to allow you choose what you need. Forum member from any country can participate because we ship to all over the world. We may run it frequently if the Level of participation is good.
There are two purposes of this giveaway.
First one is to bring more visitors or possible sales to rank at google.
Another one is to feedback our customers at our website and Amazon marketplaces (US,EU,MX and CA).

You just need to do the following.
1.Figuring out one or two numbers between 1 and 999

2.Visiting or your amazon order page to get any of below capture screens
a.Capture screen of amazon order page (order number must be fully presented) if you have bought anything from amazon seller GM&BW (Green Mountain and Blue Water),
In this case you can post two lucky numbers, if possible, please help to leave your product review.

b.Capture screen of order page at (order number must be fully presented) if you are our (registered) historical customer
In this case you can post two lucky numbers

c.Capture screen of any content from (directly saved picture is not accepted.

In this case you can post 1 lucky number

3.Post your number(s) together with your capture screen.

Each participant should post his lucky number(s) together with the capture screen and only one post with capture screen is allowed.
Each participant can win only one coupon
Posting more numbers will not be considered as participating this giveaway.
The posts after 11th of Nov will be ignored.

Winner: Those two numbers are more close to last 3 ball numbers from Lottery EuroMillions to be drawn on 12th of Nov.

Below picture shows the lottery number on 29th of Oct. As an example, number 249 are the last 3 ball numbers.
And between numbers 247 251 246 252, number 247 and 251 are the winners.
Product Rectangle Font Material property Screenshot


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