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Hey y'all,
Here are two I just finished up recently.
First is a Custom Ergo SMB with a split maple frame, Homigo ***** palmswell, Madagascar Kingwood forktips and stripe, and oak liners. $135. I am selling this at a slightly reduced price because it has some very minute cracks in they frame. This does not weaken the strength of the frame, simply the cosmetics. Hand Finger Thumb Nail Wood
Hand Finger Thumb Gesture Nail
Gesture Finger Sandal Thumb Nail
Bicycle saddle Gesture Finger Thumb Wine bottle
Hand Musical instrument Wood Finger String instrument accessory
Hand Wood Finger Gesture Thumb
Hand Terrestrial plant Gesture Finger Thumb
Plant Wood Terrestrial plant Grass Human leg

Second is this oak natural with a purpleheart stripe. I am very pleased with how this one came out. The shape is slender, but extremely comfortable. $80.

Plant Gesture Terrestrial plant Finger Wood
Hand Plant Natural material Wood Gesture
Hand Gesture Thumb Plant Finger
Gesture Finger Wood Thumb Terrestrial plant
Plant Hand Human body Tree Gesture
Hand Wood Gesture Finger Grass
Hand Plant Gesture Finger Terrestrial plant
Hand Plant Human body Finger Gesture



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Both of them AMAZING! And to tell you the truth, although I dont like natties very much, this natty is one of the most beautiful slingshots I've seen!
Whoever gets it, had better treat it well.
Thank you!! I'm with you. Plain old natties can get a little boring at times with all the fancy builds now a-days, but with some fine tuning and carving, they can be beauties too. :) Thanks again!
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