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Two very different ones

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First something from the South. My good buddy from Arkansas, Jmplsnt, sent me some elastic as promised, some tubing and a set of Chains. First I hooked up the chains to my Cougar and learned quickly that these were definitely a hard-pull hunting setup. Goodness! Cougar was the wrong frame though as the ears kept snagging the elastics. So I hooked them up to my Jungle Hunter and proceeded to have a blast until my hands just plain wore out. It took me about 40 or 50 shots before the bands broke in. Then I started hitting stuff. Wham! Pretty hard.

I was shooting at a really small tomato paste can hanging free, it's pretty hard to go through these. This is what it looked like after a couple of hits at 10 yards.

Small 3/8-inch steelies were no good with these power bands, I couldn't even hold them in the pouch after a while. The biggest I had was 1/2 inch steel and it delivered them with authorithy. Then I remembered I had some sample .44 lead from Fish. Hoo Boy! I just know this combination's gonna put a hurtin' on anything in its way. This bandset isn't as hard to pull as Fish's are, but they're the next hardest I've tried. Not for target shooting for sure. After about 150 shots today, I was too weak to shoot any more. It's a point and shoot thing with these; you can't hold the shot for long (not talkin' to you, Joerg).

Gotta mention the pouch Jump made for these. It is great! Just the thing for what he and Nico advocate -- namely a ready weapon for whatever ammo's at hand. It is very strong and well made.
Thanks Jump. I'm now a member of the chain gang for sure.

Hands tired. Couldn't shoot no more, or carve anything. Sat at computer for the rest of the day.
Until. . .

Something from the West:
The mailman brought me this!! That's right. The COWBOY by Bill Hayes! And it's No.1 in the series, too.

I really don't wanna brag or rub it in or anything, but. . .(it's awfully nice)
This slingshot is way nicer than it looks in pictures, especially mine. Bill, you did a fantastic job on this. As I said elsewhere on the forum, you are going straight to the top if you keep making slingshots. I'm thrilled to have this fun shooter.

I'm glad he put some easy draw black thera band on it, because tired hands and all I went out back and enjoyed the heck out of some target shooting with it. Like Perry's PS-2, it is almost hard to miss with this frame because you can only grip it one way, which makes you shoot more consistently.

What a day. A nice hunting setup. A nice target setup. And my hands are sore and tired and happy.

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geez that slingshot is something else!

looks wicked comfortable to shoot, as though it's more of a finger extention than a slingshot.
Hey I just saw this thread.....
two real nice set ups there, from the look of that chained set I'ld be lucky to get a half dozen shots off before my bad wing gave out.. and the cowboy looks mighty sweet,,
Glad you approve of the chains. If you shot 150 rounds today, you've had a good workout with the 5-pers. I've made and shot both 3-and 4-pers as well. The beauty of the chains is you can design and build whatever you want with them to suit your needs. I will state I don't like chains for butterfly; I tried it and wasn't impressed with long chains.

Bill Hays makes a tremendous slingshot; that's about as ergo as it gets! Fine work! That one is going to be a collector item!
nice cattys them, that Bill's a bit of a poser tho isn't he ....
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Wow! I never tried chained bands. I will try it.

I like the cowboy slingshot! But i'm a poor guy!
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