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This is a story of the creation of a weapon based on real combat experience.

The following post is an edited version of something I posted on another forum a few years ago. You might find it interesting.

Walking back home with bread, milk and eggs from the corner store, I was set upon by two "Zombies" on a motorbike. They sneaked up on me from behind with the bike engine near silent. And it was almost evening... they chose a dark bend.

The guy sitting at the back grabbed me by the collar, put a gun at my back and yelled "give me your mobile phone!".

I sensed the gun wasn't real... it was a common plastic Beretta look-alike. I shouted back, "Here, take my f---ing mobile" and hit him in the eye with the back of the collapsible baton I was carrying in my hand.. and then deployed it and swung back and gave him a good wack on the back of his head. He didn't make a sound .. just knocked out but still seated on his bike. The guy driving the bike drove off at full speed taking his partner with him. There was no time to get the driver guy.

The whole thing was over in 3 seconds.

The baton was a cheap one. It isn't heat treated so it bent. That was disappointing. And it took just a fraction longer to deploy than I would have liked... I had to swing at the guy like an amateur ... couldn't straight punch him. That is not the preferred method.

It solved the problem but I wanted a little improvement.

So out of this real-world zombie mugging experience, I came up with a Yawara.

For those who do not know, a YAWARA is a karate impact-weapon. It is a real weapon that the idiotic "kubotan" is based on. This is a typical yawara... usually made of wood. It is a very good impact weapon. Blunt force.
Gesture Wood Finger Thumb Insect

And THIS is the all metal one I made:
Office supplies Finger Thumb Writing implement Font
Finger Thumb Material property Nail Writing instrument accessory

Ruler Office ruler Wood Font Metal

Hand Wood Gesture Finger Flooring
Wood Finger Gesture Thumb Tool
Finger Tool Computer keyboard Thumb Input device

It's heavy and no nonsense. It's mild steel but will easily crack a coconut in one go. It took me half an hour to make on my lathe and milling machine.

The handle has a rubber grip. That's actually heat shrink tubing but does the job perfectly. Notice the "DNA catcher" on the other end. That's for scratching Zombie's face if you can't swing for a blow. It is also often a standard feature of "tactical pens".

It weighs slightly less than a Kilo.

I painted it shiny battle-ship gray.

Cheers. :cool:

And I didn't break a single egg.....
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