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As I said in an earlier post about YouTubers, I'm wanting to start posting videos about my slingshot journey.... well, about anything that catches my attention, really.

I haven't really done that yet due to a bit of frustration with my progress with my torque. I can't seem to NOT hit the frame. So with Xmas money, I went and purchased the scout xt (thanks to everyone who provided input. You guys weren't wrong!).

Anyway, here's the unboxing and first few shots with it. Hope you enjoy!

Simple Shot Scout: unboxing and first shots

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Awesome man . I just got my package in for my scout LT and a few other things and I can't wait to start shooting ... figures I broke my glasses 3 days ago and can't see well to shoot till they are replaced .. :( .. also starting a channel series for my shooting journey

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