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dane some rough test on my setup using an old telefone book, 6 meters shhoting line, my usual 8,6 lead balls that let me take down pigeons and other quarrys from a distance of 20 meters and more .

1)blue flatbands 0.55mm thick latex obtained from dankung, cut 3 cm wide, doubled and louped to fit on coguar: 100 (and plus) pages
2) eight strands 2040 black (dankung) rubbers: 100 (and plus) pages
4) four strands yellow thera tubing: barely 75 pages
5) blue band 0,55 thick latex (dankung) 2 cm wide doubled and louped: 75 pages.
Did never realized before the huge difference that "only" one cm in width on flatbands set cane make.

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