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Universal GZK band

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Hello! That's my first post after introduction here so please, cut me some slack :).

Maybe someone else has asked about this before but searching for something considering GZK is difficult cause the search engine requires more letters :p. Anyway, I'm new in this sport and I've been shooting only tubes, pre-made chinese bands and self-made bands from the cheapest exercise band I could find in my nearest sport store. After some practicing with cutting, tying and mounting my own bands using that cheap sport latex, I'm ready to buy something serious. After much research I've chosen GZK Green as my first pro band cause this latex is fast, good quality and quite affordable with shipping to my country. I don't mind stiffer, heavier draw and I would like to have as much power as possible and it is one of the fastest out there.

I would like to get some advice considering thickness. Nathan from Simpleshot said in one of his youtube videos that 0.7mm thickness is the most universal and can work good with different kinds of ammo depending on the taper. Considering this I think 0.72 GZK is the right choice for me. Do you agree? Can you give me some tips for the right tapers?

I'm shooting mostly 8mm steel and 10mm ceramic (they weight a little bit more than 8mm steel). 16mm marbles and 12,7mm steel are in my arsenal too. I wanna also try 11mm lead and 16mm steel in the near future.
My draw length is 85cm.
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Catapult Carnage in YouTube hunts a lot with 8mm and I have seen him use many different types of band thickness trough out his videos also Catty Shack Hunter likes to hunt with 10mm lead if I can recall correctly and he likes shooting thick bands for his setup so you can search them up and see what you can find. Also it all comes to personal preference and elastic is a little wishy washy you just need to try several thickness with the ammo you decide to use since they can all work depending on the taper but some may give you an easier pull and the same speed that other thickness or even a faster speed since thin elastic retracts faster.
I started with the .7 went all the way to 1 and now I prefer shooting .45 full butterfly style with 9.5steel.
Hope I helped you at least some good luck in your quest. :)

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