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Universal shooting style?

Hi everybody! One of the reasons I love this sport/hobby and forum, is there are so many things you can learn from fellow shooters. Once you try it, it either works for you or it doesn't. You can take what works for you and end up developing your own style of shooting.

I primarily shoot PFS. I shoot this way with all my frames. Whether it is a dedicated pfs frame, a gapper, OTT frame, or a wide OTT frame. I don't worry about frame hits or changing my pouch hold and release. I just have to slightly adjust my aiming point. I've always felt comfortable and confident shooting this way.

The one way I'm not confident in shooting is with dedicated TTF frames. There are so many awesome and beautiful frames out there both mass produced and custom builds. I didn't want to spend the money on a great frame and get that one frame hit that messes up a beautiful custom. I want to shoot all my frames and not just display them as an art piece because I'm too scared to shoot it, until now...

I recently saw a video showing a ttf set up on a pfs with no gap. It was put in a vice grip. The shooter twisted and tweaked the pouch and it went right over. I was trying all night last night to find it. I wasn't sure if it was posted on this forum or another. If you guys know the video please post the link here. Thank you!

I tried it out for the first time today setting up my clone and PP SERE in the TTF format. I drew, twisted, and tweaked like usual and to my surprise it worked! I tried it outside with some clays first, then indoors with some rubber ammo, and now I'm hitting a 1/2 inch target and cutting cans with 3/8 steelys indoors!

I know TTF frames are not meant to be shot this way, but it works for me. Now I don't have to miss out on those awesome TTF frames out there and I am confident I can shoot any frame the same way and not worry about a fork hit!

Thanks to everyone on this forum and all the shooters out there who posted ideas, information, and videos! Slingshots have become and will continue to be a life long journey for me till the end!



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Interesting. At the 0:21 mark, I see how the shooter in the video holds the pouch - turned at a 90 degree angle to the frame. I am guessing he then applies greater pressure with the forefinger upon release to get the pouch to flip up and then clear the frame?
Good observation! That is the "speed bump" effect to get the ball up and over when shooting pfs. It's equivalent to turning the pouch and tweaking it with your thumb when shooting with the frame canted to the side.

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I do not shoot PFS but I do hold and release (and time my bands at the pouch) the same way regardless of whether I'm shooting OTT or TTF - no twist, no tweak, just try to keep everything in a straight line. So, i really have nothing to contribute to this thread, nothing groundbreaking here.

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Yes you can speed bump a TTF frame... But don't do it if you want to be truly accurate. The most accurate way to shoot a slingshot, whether OTT or TTF is simply using the one line aiming method... Where you look down a line (your band edge or a line drawn on your bands) and simply line up with your target, adjusting elevation for distance, and then releasing straight and clean.

If you use a speed bump, or any other method to skew the shot so that it doesn't shoot true, then you will automatically limit your accuracy.... Sure, you'll be able to shoot self thrown coins out of the air (less than 4 feet away) and may even pick up a faster reload... but if you hit your target in the first place, you don't need to reload fast.

One thing you'll never see on video is one of those guys who like to shoot with the tweeked pouch shooting paper with a series of 5 or more shots at a normal target distance of 10 meters... because their group will look like a "first weeker" using the one line method before they master it soon after.

My advice is, buy or make a polycarbonate or ABS frame in a style that you like... practice a clean release technique... holding the ball itself in the pouch leaving a gap in front and pulling straight back is one way ( I use) and there are others as well.... and master that.

The next time you look at one of those "amazing" videos of someone shooting coins or cans or whatever out of the sky... realize what you're actually looking at, it's not accuracy, it's timing... plus you have no idea how many times they attempted that shot before getting one success on video.... You'll almost never see a video where they do the same "trick" shot more than two times in a row... and that's because their actual shot group is really quite poor.

It looks great, it looks fast, it looks incredible to those who aren't really paying attention to what's really happening.

Look instead at people who will actually shoot multiple targets at standard or beyond target distances... look for unedited video... look at the actual groups people are able to make, over and over and over again....

In essence... if you want to shoot soda can sized targets at 10 meters about 90% of the time.... practice almost any style long enough and you'll be able to do it.

But if you want more accuracy, like being able to hit a quarter 90% of the time from 10 meters, then work on one line aiming and a clean straight release...
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