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It was going to be tough for me to spend the entire weekend at the tournament this year. With all of the workload around the house, and the overtime at the new job, I knew I would have to lose a little sleep, in order to make the event. So I got home Friday night from work, took a shower and threw some laundry in the dryer. I got on the road around 1AM, and pulled in to Alverton around 6:30am. Yeah, I was a little tired, but not too bad. Had some breakfast at the clubhouse, reacquainted with everyone and headed to the range. Shot some BS and targets with Gary Flatband Miller for a while, early in the AM. Started seeing quite a few new faces, which was really cool.

At this point, I had been awake for 24+ hours. I thought, I'll get a good nap sometime today...yeah right! Shot my paper targets, and did ok. Once we had a small crowd ready, we headed to the 3D course. I missed 7 out of 30, and I was sucking wind at this point. If there would have been a cot in the woods, I would've took a nap, and told everyone to go ahead. I needed to be horizontal at this point. But wait...still had to help set up the NCA clay target range, and help MJ with his GWR shoot. Had a lot of fun shooting and spectating the NCA event. I appreciate everyone allowing me to take the win at this one. Sleep isn't looking too good at this point. I really need to be waking up at the homestead Sunday morning. So, got a shower at the clubhouse, and headed to dinner with Nathan, Ray, Brandon, Blue, Jodi and MJ, and one more fella, but cannot recall his name. Had a couple Buds at dinner, and I decided I need to get going. I made it a little over halfway back, and I pulled in to a rest area around midnight. I slept till around 4AM, and proceeded home.

I had a great time. I felt I shot ok, given the fact my lack of sleep, and the lack of shooting hardly at all, over the past several months. Congrats to Ray, Nathan and Mike on their dominance in the ECST. Huge congrats to MJ for his GWR shoot, and winning the Eagle Eye Competition. I'm sure winning the Eagle Eye capped off his weekend really nice. Was great to see old friends, and meet new ones. I hope all the new faces continue to support all catapult events in the future. I look forward to seeing everyone again really soon.

- Jim

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Hey Bud, glad you made it home safely. Was a little concerned as tired looking as you looked. Good move pulling off and getting a little roadside nap. You still shot awesome as usual!
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It was great having you at the ECST all day on Saturday. Even though you were fatigued, you still shot very well on the woods course and won the Clay Shoot :) MJ and I always enjoy your company and are super relieved you made it home safely!!!

~Jodi :)
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