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Got this from another forumite, USASlingshot, last week. It's a very simple natural Y fork that's been debarked and smoothed down. There is no finish on the wood itself, which is how I generally like them (I haven't clearcoated or oiled my own naturals either). Of course, should one wish to do so, stain, oil, or poly clearcoat could easily be added. I don't know what kind of tree this came from, but the wood is pretty nice. It's extremely light, yet quite hard. A simple thumbnail test (pressing the nail into the wood firmly) produced only a minor indentation even with a lot of force. Bands are folded Thera black with a thin but strong leather pouch. Both ends of the bands are secured with what appears to be Thera gold. The bands are cleanly cut and secured very well at both ends. I've only had the chance to shoot around 100 rds thus far, but everything is holding together fine with no signs of any slippage, etc. Band length is about 6.5" tie to tie. This was my first experience with Thera Band black and, strangely enough, this seems to be just about the right length for my short 26" draw. Pull is light but speed is excellent with my standard 3/8" steel Trumark ammo. The slingshot shoots well either aiming with the top of the fork or shooting instinctively. This should also be a really nice catty to pack in the field, with its compact size and nearly nonexistent weight. Cost was a modest $12 with $3 for shipping. The package (USPS) was postmarked 3/30 and it arrived here on 4/1. They sure didn't waste any time getting it to me.
I PMed these guys several times @ the Trumark forum with questions and such, and was always answered quickly. All in all, a class act. I highly recommend them.


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