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Using Constrictor Knot on Pouch

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Morning all!

I recently changed to using a constrictor knot when tying bands for my small pouches when I use 8mm (5/16).

I am tying the knots as tight as I possibly can but now after a lot of use I note that they are allowing the band to slip through slightly which results in miss aligned bands on the pouch.

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Has anyone out there experienced this and are their any known remedies please?

This is my first post with pics, so hope it works!


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I use cotton twine. Cut the excess band off right next to the knot. Never had any slips in my life ever. Constrictor knots are quick and efficient. For this reason I have never switched to anything else.
All of the above :yeahthat:

Plus, I've found that cotton twine, opposed to rubbers strips (or other tying medium made out of rubber) makes bands last 3 times more.

From what I've seen in the pictures, your folding technique seems to be the problem. Perhaps you're not folding the bands properly when tying.

Best regards ...Q
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Hi Quercusuber,

The pictures show how the bands have moved/slipped after or during the process of firing approx 300 shots. They were not like that at after my tying them - in the images, the knot has moved back on to the pouch and the shorter part of the band has slipped in to the position you now see.
Oh, I see ...

Well, the texture of the string itself might help (or not) the tie. I found that rough textures hold better the constrictor knot.

Besides, you can pre-stretch the bands before tying, but I suspect you already do that.

Most people here prefer rubber ties, but in my case, I've noticed that rubber on rubber creates a lot of friction, thus making bands tear faster.

Anyway, slingshots are always evolving. Experience with some band sets and record the results. You'll get to the sweet spot sooner or later ;)

Cheers ...Q
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