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Using Constrictor Knot on Pouch

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Morning all!

I recently changed to using a constrictor knot when tying bands for my small pouches when I use 8mm (5/16).

I am tying the knots as tight as I possibly can but now after a lot of use I note that they are allowing the band to slip through slightly which results in miss aligned bands on the pouch.

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Has anyone out there experienced this and are their any known remedies please?

This is my first post with pics, so hope it works!


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WOW! What a great forum!

Thank you all for your prompt and useful replies. And thanks S.K for the video etc.

The material used for the knot may be the problem. I am using the "strings" that make up the inside of para chord as I saw that method recommended on a YouTube site. I agree, they may be slipping slightly.

I did use the Chinese "CRYSTAL" elastic thread/string and it did OK but the black dye seemed to come off the thread and impregnate the band. And once the band tore at that stained area and IIRC that is why I looked for an alternative method of attaching the bands. Furthermore, I agree I could/should perhaps stretch the elastic a bit more than I did.

Going to have a rethink, I will come back and add to the thread by letting you know how I progress.

Thank you all again for your input.
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Hi Quercusuber,

The pictures show how the bands have moved/slipped after or during the process of firing approx 300 shots. They were not like that at after my tying them - in the images, the knot has moved back on to the pouch and the shorter part of the band has slipped in to the position you now see.
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Firstly, a BIG thank-you to everyone who has answered, I really appreciate your thoughts and help.

I have gone over several times in my mind what I did when I tied that pouch and what was in my mind at the time. What the majority of you have said, I feel is correct. So I am laying out my thought process:-

1. I was unhappy with the crystal string as mentioned above.

2. I watched the Chris Graffin (catapult carnage) video on constrictor knots - so chose the para chord string and chose to use a constrictor knot. I watched videos and practiced the knot many times.

3. I also watch an Asa (Romany Custom Catapults) video on the use of the constrictor knots and he did not use a jig so I opted to copy that method - probably not stretching the band enough.

4. Despite the slippage photographed at the start of this thread, the bands have lasted well. For me, probably the longest life of a band to date.

5. The next pouch I tie, I shall use decent twine AND stretch the band more.

I will let you know how get on.
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OK, I am back!

Problem solved. As several people kindly pointed out, I was simply NOT stretching the band enough before tieing the pouch.

Did that, and added another knot as suggested by Sean no problems now thank you all so much. Additionally, I have scrounged some "Dyna Cable"fishing backing line that is SUPER strong and low stretch. Will try it out soon - just hope it does not cut in to the bands.

Thank you all once again!

Geoff out!
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