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The 2 Tee-shirts in my catch box are a very large size, and then trimmed to 4 panels to fit the box. There is also a panel of rip-stop nylon (medium weight) behind them. All 5 panels are pinched between two 1 by 2 boards by 3 small steel c-clamps. The boards are notched on the ends to keep them centered in the box. They are stopped from sliding back by two wood stops fastened to the box behind them. I don't always use all of the panels. In the one picture below you can see that I have one panel folded back over the top. The two white panels behind the green ones have bee in the box for 8 years. In this arrangement you can use the number of panels required to stop the shot, but not bounce out. I recommend that you use 1/2 inch shot below 200 feet per second for long panel life. These panels have seen thousands and thousands of shots and as can see they have no holes in them. I have been using the end of the string for a target. I do move the target around a bit to keep from hitting the same place all of the time, but not very far. They have just seen another 2400 shots with 1/2 inch steel balls. My catch box construction can be seen on other post. -- Tex


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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