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Had a good time shooting in the desert again, and a lot more, over the weekend.

A few more cans- can't seem to get enough of those lately. Has been a while since I tried to cut cards and had a new one for me- a different sort of partial cut. Card cut all the way but spun in the clamp after being hit (my explanation) so ended up cutting a corner off instead of cutting it all the way through front to back. Also tried cutting a horizontal card and beat the clamp up pretty good without cutting one- will take some more work to get that one.

Also enjoyed some of our desert wild life including some gamble's quail. I saw a bunch in the desert but couldn't get a good pic until I got home and saw some in front of our house. Also a bunch of doves hanging around all over- poor pic but can see it inside the tree. Starting to see more cottontails and jacks but no pics.

Also gained more "experience" with bow making. This time not getting limb twist out before continuing to tiller and ended up twisting the tip off. On the upside the other one coming along is now bending to 26". Another inch and I will start shaping the handle and take some test shots. First one with a heat hardened belly to make it this far. Fingers crossed.

All that AND got a few good desert hikes with the dogs and my wife. And no buzztails to keep the dogs away from as a bonus.

Quite a weekend with lots of good stuff. Hope everyone else's weekend was at least half as good as mine.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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