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Very old pic of roo taken with slingshot

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Very old photo of a small roo.
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Outstanding effort and very believable.

The old daisy elastics were absolutely fantastic, if a bit temperamental and short-lived. I had many a kill and one that was not a kangaroo but on this level with them. Of course some idiot changed the composition of them and now I feel they suck and retaliated by joining the Chain Gang.

Fantastic post and a truly supreme credit to the resortera. I am a very jealous man! I
Man that's rough to read and imagine, but obviously worse to have to live and do. But quite refreshing in that it's the truth and not designed to make us feel good about everything.

The old Daisy tube had a yellow outer skin and natural latex-coloured inner layer. The new piece of junk ones are solid yellow and solid sucky, too.

I have NOT tried it myself, but I see a lot of people making hunting rigs on this forum with the Theratube Green and some opting for the Red for an easier draw. PM Dayhiker about the green as I know he's got some strapped up with it and with the amound of his experience he can give you a good idea of whether it's worth working with.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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